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An Instructional Designer in Grand Rapids, MI.

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My passion for education and technology has been a life long journey that has led me to pursue an interest in instructional design. From my early academic experiences to the start of my professional career, it was a match that always made sense. Having had various learning difficulties as a child, I struggled a little with the structure of traditional classroom instruction and have always thought about ways to evolve it. Since those early days, one way or another I’ve always been involved in some form of educational project, even before knowing anything about my field. After graduating college with a degree in printing, I was asked to to create my first eLearning course. It was during the development of this course that I knew this is where I belonged.

Instructional design is a dynamic field that constantly introduces me to new tools and challenges. I’ve crafted many online courses aimed at solving challenges that learners are facing. In addition, I’ve also managed a global Learning Management System (LMS) serving more than 65,000 users worldwide, ensuring a smooth user experience and system performance. My commitment to lifelong learning drives my dedication to creating impactful digital learning experiences. My design philosophy consists of three core aspects:

  1. Design for understanding – Break down complex topics into easily digestible modules and avoid jargon.
  2. Engage the learner – Make learning interactive and allow for learners to explore the curiosities.
  3. Enable accessibility – Consider supported languages needed, closed captioning, how colors are used, types of interactions, and ADA design principles.

Skills & Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere


Qualtrics Platform Essentials


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