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I recently watched Christopher McDougall’s TED Talk, Are we born to run?, which I considered critiquing, but I found this video more interesting. Christopher’s view (the author) is basically that humans were meant to run barefoot and that cushioned running shoes are the worst thing to ever make contact with our feet. Early man couldn’t run on their heels because it was too painful, now with cushioned shoes we’re constantly banging down on our heels which is bad for our form. The podiatrist; on the other hand, suggests that there are people born with poor feet and it would be too painful for them to run without a shoe for support.

For this digital story, I will take a look at the types of involvement, literacy dimensions, and relevant online spaces that are present.


Types of Involvement & Literacy Dimensions

The main involvement that I noticed in this digital story was the author’s desire to be a sort film director. This is present through the literacy dimensions used, particularly video editing skills. The author demonstrates the ability to splice video clips together and shows an understanding of how to use video clip transitions. There were plenty of interviews in this short story and thought they cut smoothly between each person. There were plenty of other pictures relating to what is being discussed that were inserted into appropriate sections as well. It also seemed like the author expressed enjoyment of this book as they kept referring to it throughout the video.

Relevant Online Spaces

If you’re interested in creating these types of short films, then I think relevant online communities would simply be any aimed at short film directors. The video itself was created by a YouTube channel called THNKR, they don’t seem to have an actual website. Their slogan is “change your mind,” and after further investigation, their YouTube description explains that they explore “game-changing” books. This ties right into my suggestion which I thought of before finding out the channel’s purpose.


I felt like this video was a little biased from the beginning, as it seemed like a marketing piece for¬†Christopher McDougall’s book since they kept going back to it. Personally, I would have put more of what the podiatrist had to say into the video earlier on and not referred to the book so much. After reading the YouTube channel’s description though, I can see why they spent more time on the book.


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