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The semester is already coming to an end and this is the last week of full production work. Here is what I completed for this week:

This week I was the most proud of my video assignment and I think it’s the best piece I produced all semester. It took a lot of time to work on and mixes together my focal theme with my enjoyment for gaming. As I worked on this project, there were a couple of ideas that I wish I could have implemented, but I just didn’t have enough time (with our weekly production schedule). Two things I wanted to do was add a Bowser level as well as pick up the flower power-up to shoot fireballs. After this class is complete, and I take a little breather, I actually want to design a second level and where I can implement these ideas.

This week I really enjoyed our reading assignments as well. I found something in each of the readings that I could relate to and felt like they were easier to write about than in weeks past. As someone who enjoys photography, it was also great to be able to browse some of the photos from the NPR (interest-driven) article that I read and discover some of the stories they told. Commenting on the work of people outside of my group was also very interesting, as I got to explore some of the other interests my peers in the class were writing about.

This is the last weekly summary and I thought I exceeded expectations. Some of the weeks have been up and down for me, but I believe I produced some of my best blog post the last couple of weeks than I have all semester. As mentioned earlier, I was also pretty happy with my final DS106 assignment. I’ll save the rest of my in-depth course analysis for my final reflective blog post!


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