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Wow! This week I was looking for something more inspirational to critique and I think I found it. I am not a morning person, as a matter of fact, I hate mornings. This story really made me think differently about getting up early to run. This could have easily just been a guy in front of a camera, but I think the clips and music chosen really help bring this story to life.


Types of Involvement

The most obvious type of involvement was how the author expressed himself as a motivation speaker. His words were well crafted and I found his voice to be pretty powerful. I’m sure the author is also a runner as he seems to express his enjoyment for the activity and support for why the morning is the best time to do it.

Literacy Dimensions

The main literacy dimensions I noticed are the author’s video editing skills and audio technique. He demonstrated that he can splice together different video clips to create one cohesive video. I am curious whether or not the author shot the video himself or if was done by a third party. His voice recording was also high quality and music used was a great choice to tie it all together.

Relevant Online Spaces

I think the most relevant online space for this video will bee the website this video was produced for: www.yourworldwithin.com

The site itself contains other inspirational videos and blog posts, but also seems to try and sell you books and services. It is nice that site does contains a blurb about the author of the video though.


If I had to make a couple of suggestions, I would first recommend using video clips that relate a little more to what the author is talking about. Some of the clips seemed to be of random people running. I also think it would have been cool if there were clips of him giving the actual speech mixed in. Then the video could switch between clips of the author talking and the inspirational running clips. That being said, I wouldn’t change the overall way this video was produced as it really kept my attention. This video has partially inspired my ds106 assignment which I’ll be posting later this week.


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