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This was a fun week for me. I tried switching some stuff up and was able to efficiently produce all of my assignments. Here’s a summary of what I completed this week.

I was able to connect with all of my assignments on a different level this week then I have in the past and that really made it much more enjoyable. The story critique I had found was very inspiring and actually helped influence my web assignment. Since this was also the first week where we had our own choice from the DS106 assignment bank, it led me to browse other categories and find something different to do. Doing the web assignment I chose was very rewarding because it also gave me a small goal to achieve in my personal life.

I was also able to relate to our reading assignments more than I have in weeks past. I think this helped provide more meaning to our readings and made me understand social learning more. For my annotations this week, I tweeted at the members in my group letting them know that I posted comments on their story critiques and reading responses. I find that I often forget to go back and look at my own posts so I thought this would be helpful. I don’t think there was one particular issue that I didn’t like regarding my work this week. If anything, I always get a little worked up about finding an interest-related reading and story critique, but recently they have seemed to come to me naturally be the end of the week.

This week I believe I am exceeding expectations. I was happy with the overall quality of my work and felt deeply connected to most of the assignments.  I also had some great interactions and felt that I left some good annotations on the story critiques and reading responses that I viewed. This semester is already nearing an end!


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