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Whew! I knew this was going to be a very busy week for me outside of class and I’m glad I planned accordingly. Here’s a summary of what I completed this week.

I didn’t have a lot going on for the fourth of July so I’m glad I took that time to finish our required reading and get a head start on our other assignments for the rest of the week. Later in the week got pretty busy for me, with some home renovations, so I’m proud that I was still able to get everything done on time and even check in on the optional flash mob. One aspect of this course that I’ve been fighting with recently is that certain parts are starting to feel a little repetitive. This is taking a mental toll on me and I’ve been trying to keep it interesting by switching up my creative assignments.

The biggest struggle for me this week in regards to assignments was actually quite different than previous struggles I’ve had. I found the mashup assignment pretty challenging, mainly because I was having a bit of a creative road block. I looked though all pages of assignments and had a difficult time finding the right assignment for me, especially since I was trying to consider my focal theme. I wasn’t the happiest with the mashup choices, but I certainly tried to do my best. I’m pleased that I was still able to come up with something related to my theme and I even learned more about Adobe Premiere in the process.

I believe I am meeting expectations since I finished all of my assignments for the week on time and feel that I adequately completed all requirements. I also left the required number of reading responses and story critique annotations on my peer’s blogs. I haven’t commented on as many blog posts as I have in the past, but I think joining the flash mob also makes up for this. Next week I hope to annotate more blog posts again. Finally, I have some time management challenges coming up, as I will be having family visit at the end of the month. I know I cannot just check out of this course so I will need to plan accordingly.

Also, I need to not be so addicted to this game…



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