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While looking for something different to critique this week I ran into this short video which caught my attention because of the unique way it is told. It relates to my focal theme and is somewhat recent so I thought I would give it a watch. The criteria for critiquing this story has also changed this week. I will now be using the appendix at the end of chapter 4 in Lankshear and Knobel’s New Literacies to examine the types of involvement in this story, the literacy dimensions used, and online spaces or sites that bring this story to life.


Types of involvement

The most notable involvement in this story was how the author explored a new way of conveying this narrative. This could have easily gone the traditional documentary route with history clips and interviews, but the author chose a more artistic approach. Through his style choice, I think his artistic identity was really shown. I would also argue that there was evidence of journalistic identity and fan identity in this story as well. I say journalistic identity because it definitely felt like he did his research on this topic, and fan identity because at the end he said he’s a runner and this is probably something he was actually interested in creating.

Literacy dimensions

There were many literacy dimensions used in this story. Narrative development, video editing, and audio editing were all present in the creation of the story to name a few. This video was well developed and looked very professional. When the author comes on camera at the end, we can also see the setup he used to create this video right behind him. I get the feeling that he has a pretty good understanding of camera angles and editing in general.

Online spaces and sites that bring story to life

Vox has a YouTube channel where users can find similar videos to this one. This matters because it would be a great place to connect with the creator of this video as well as videos created by others. A couple of other sites users could go to learn how to create a video like this include Creative COW and Videomaker.com. Both would be a great place to get feedback on this story and help improve techniques.


I thought the overall production and media usage in this digital story were great. If I had to change one thing though, I might try to add some additional media elements and mix it up a bit. Well the paper cutouts were unique and different, they started to lose their appeal with me toward the end. Many of them were just cutouts of random runners that didn’t really add much to the story being told.


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