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Already half way through the semester and I feel like so much as been accomplished. Here’s a look back at the work I completed this week:

This week was a great week for my production schedule! I got started on all of my assignments earlier in the week which helped alleviate some of the stress I’ve been feeling in the second half. I also got my readings and annotations done in the first couple of days so my classmates had time to respond. If I’m being honest, the optional readings were kind of hard for me to get into, as I couldn’t really relate to them very much. Once I started watching the presentation by George Siemens, that was actually able to capture my attention.

The aspect of my work I enjoyed the most this week might seem strange, but it was simply the first TDC I did. I liked this because I was able put it together in 20 minutes (as they recommend spending on the TDCs) and had fun doing so! The concept came to me right away and any time I can play in Photoshop is a good time!!

My biggest struggle this week was mostly related to my digital story critique. I was just getting use to the old critiquing criteria and already come across my digital story right before this was changed. This change forced me to think differently about how I looked at this story, but I rolled with the punches and tried my best. I’m still not sure if I approached it correctly, as many of the remix practices did not seem to fit in with the story, particular relevant online spaces.

I believe I am exceeding expectations this week. I was particularly proud of some of the online interactions I had. This included some back and forth comments with new people on both Twitter and my blog about my work. Since joining the ds106 movement, I really have had a lot more interaction than ever before. The same goes with hypothes.is as well, I commented on at least one story critique or reading response for everyone in my group (if they had one). I think I formulated some good questions to try and challenge them and encourage more interaction as well.


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