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“It gets easier, but it is never easy,” that is what a friend told me when I first started running a few months ago. In a way, I think the same can be said for this class. Here is a summary of projects I completed this week:

Now that I am acquainted with the overall structure of this course, I was able to get into a much better rhythm for producing content in week 2. One method that seemed to work really well for me, and that I will probably continue to do throughout the class, was to switch back and forth between the more creative assignments and the reading assignments. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were the creative days for me, while Tuesday and Thursday were more focused on reading and writing. This gave me some variety in the tasks I was performing each day and helped to keep me engaged.

The very first daily create that I did in week 1 was the first time that I ever played with editing audio. The audio assignment given for week 2 personally meant that I had to do something more complicated. That is when I found the soundboard conversation assignment and immediately knew it was something I had to do. The idea of having a fake conversation with lines from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies was one that I’ve always wanted to do, but now I had the perfect chance to implement it. It took me the most amount of work this week, but I enjoyed it a lot and was happy with the end result. Not to mention, I also really DO NOT like to record my voice. That took me a little out of my comfort zone, but rewarded me greatly.

The way I organized my week was very important because coming up with ideas for the creative stuff is easier for me. My biggest challenge this week was finding a story related to my focal theme (being a new runner). I don’t think this is because of the lack of stories, but mostly because there are so many out there and it was difficult to find one relevant to where I am at in running right now. The was also the only assignment I completed this week directly related to my focal theme. For week 3, my main goal to try and tie one of my creative assignments into my focal theme as well.

I have found that in the three 5ks I’ve ran so far, since I began running, I always start off too fast and then slow down a bit towards the end. This is only the second week of the course and I know that I will need to continue to maintain this same pace. I do work a full time job and literally spent 2-3 hours a night working on homework. I’m not complaining because much of it was fun, but some of the blogging was also tedious. I need to be careful that I don’t get burned out before the end of the semester.

I believe that I am exceeding expectations; although, there is still plenty of room for improvement! This week I accomplished two things I said I wanted to at the end of week 1. I read more than one recommended reading assignment, but I also annotated at least one post from everyone in my group (exceeding the minimum for 2 story critiques and 2 reading responses). I believe everyone deserves some comments and I also wanted to get insight from the rest of my group’s work and their thought process. One other thing I want to start doing differently is to publicly annotate the recommend readings that I read. Right now I’ve been privately annotating them, without even thinking about the bigger discussions I could have with some of the authors if I made them public.


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