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There’s no better way to learn than by doing and what a crazy week it has been! Here’s a list of the projects I completed for this week:

I have never blogged this much in my life. This week had it’s ups and downs, but I know things will improve now that I’m getting more comfortable with the course structure. I had to constantly remember to use the #ILT5340 and the #DS106 hashtags when posting to twitter. I also never heard of hypothes.is before so I had to orientate myself with using that. I completed all of the required readings (including an optional one), projects, and hypothesis responses for the week. I’ve been using Hootsuite to keep track of all my social feeds and have had a few conversations around both mine and my peers work.

The projects that I liked the most were the daily creates because I already enjoy creating things and I’m pretty comfortable using Adobe Creative Cloud. The first daily create and visual assignment were both really fun for me. I haven’t done a ton of audio editing before, but I was able to do some quick Googling and learned a little bit about working with Adobe Audition. The parts that gave me the most trouble were the reading responses and story critique. I think the biggest reason is that I have terrible time elaborating on my ideas and I generally like to keep my writing short and to the point. I would say this is mostly due to the fact that when I write a video script for work we try to keep them short, as to not lose viewers attention. That being said, I believe I was able to come up with some good content for my response and critique, it just took me a long time to get there. I learned a lot about Discourses and new literacies.

My focal theme wasn’t explored a whole lot this week as I spent half of the week figuring out what I wanted to do. Now that I have my topic, “being a new runner,” one of my focuses next week will be to start creating content around that theme. I’m not sure if the way I did my story critique was too far off in the woods, but If I had to do one thing differently this week I would have picked something more real. Next week I will look for a story that’s more personal, perhaps around my focal theme.

When it comes to self assessments, I tend to be more critical on myself since there’s always something that can be done better. I believe that I am meeting expectations because I fully completed all assignments for the week. I think the way I spread my content out was great because this allowed me to have a new blog post almost everyday. This is an approach I’m going to keep on doing as it makes my blog more active. In addition to what I already said about my story critique, next week I would also like to respond to more than one additional reading assignment and try to respond to more than just 2 (of each) responses or critiques. It’s really interesting to read how people in different careers apply the readings. Oh, and I’m going to get started on next weeks readings early!


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