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Trello is a web-based project management application that allows teams to organize projects of any size. My department at my workplace has started using Trello about a month ago to organize our own projects and up until now I’ve only accessed it through a computer web browser. I decided to check out their official mobile app to see how it might enhance my Trello experience. The app is available on both iPhone and Android, but for this review I spent all of my time with the iPhone version.

The app’s functionality is exactly the same as through their website. The home screen list any boards you are subscribed to; a board is basically a place to group all of the team’s projects. Within my own team’s board, each person then has their own funnel, which contain cards for the projects they own (mine are shown in the screenshot below). Clicking “Add card” allows a new project to be created. Swiping left or right allows you to view other team member’s cards. I’m the owner of all projects listed under my funnel, but I can also be added as a team member under other’s funnels. Notifications are displayed every time there is a new interaction for a project I am associated with.

I found this app to be the most beneficial when traveling or when I was away from my computer, as I could easily keep track of and update my projects at any time. The usability of this app was also intuitive since it uses the same basic swipe gestures one would expect on a mobile phone, while at the same time keeping the familiar feel of the web interface. There are a couple of problems/concerns I had with the Trello app, one being “notification overload.” Every time someone on my team updated one task I would get a notification. This became annoying very quickly and I ended up turning them off. My team also has about 20 different funnels (illustrated by the little dots at the bottom of the second screenshot) and I had difficulties figuring which way I needed to swipe to find a specific team member’s funnel.

This is a fantastic project management application, I could see this being used in an educational setting to assist students in managing their group work. I think this could also be incorporated into curriculum in a number of creative ways. For instance, one type of gaming aspect I had would be to use it in conjunction with some type of puzzle/mystery that needs to be solved. Clues could be posted in a classroom, readings, etc. and student could then share what they found in an effort to solve the final puzzle.

Overall I would recommend the Trello app to anyone already using Trello or to anyone looking for a better way to manage projects. This app would probably not be my first choice for implementation in an educational environment, as it would required some additional thought and prep-work in order incorporate it into curriculum in any meaningful way.


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