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The Story

I really enjoy gaming and Super Mario is just one of those classics I can just always go back to. Since I first experimented with a green screening back in week 3, I knew that I wanted to try it again for one of my upcoming projects. Putting myself in a Mario level was one of the first things that came to my mind. This project came from the Green Screen It assignment in the DS106 Assignment bank.¬†This project was A TON of work for me and one of the more complicated ones I’ve ever done. It took me about 1o hours of work, 20 different assets, and almost 50 layers to create this piece in Adobe After Effects.

The Process

The foundation for this video comes from the Super Mario Brothers level 1-1- map available here: This map is basically the background of my entire scene and continuously scrolls from the right to the left. It did require some extra customization, as I had to Photoshop out all of the items and bad guys, as well as make all of the item blocks look unopened. The enemies would be added back later.

I then shot my green screen footage of myself running sideways for about a minute, much like I did for my Forrest Gump project. This was then keyed out and resized over my Mario background. The continuous running motion from my footage, plus the scrolling background made it look like I was running through the map.

The rest of the work, which was also the most time consuming, consisted of placing and animating the bad guys, adding music/sound effects, and using keyframes to make myself jump and interact with the map. The screenshot below shows a bit of the chaos I had going on in my timeline.



5 thoughts on “Super Runners World

  1. Fun runner’s video, Robert-
    Combining running with an old-style video game. I wonder if that’s the kind of game you associate with your youth.
    I was a runner too until my knees gave out – how I hike and walk and bike. Just did the Third Flatiron at Boulder’s Chautauqua this morning!

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