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The Story

Everyone has their own reasons or motivations when it comes to running a 5k race. My reason for running is to stay fit, but when it comes to racing, I do it for the participation medal! Ok, this may sound selfish, but there are many races that take place near me and they all have different registration fees.  Some of these races only award you if you place in the top three finishers and I know that’s not going to happen for me anytime soon. If I’m paying a registration fee, I want it to go toward something I can actually have. This is my personal motivational poster I can look at the next time I’m wondering why I signed up for a race.

The Process

The idea for this poster technically came from two different daily creates. The official one I chose was to create a propaganda poster; however, when deciding on a design assignment I also came across this one for creating a motivational poster. I used Adobe Photoshop for my first design assignment so I wanted to use a different program this time around. I decided on Adobe Illustrator as it is great for creating vector-based graphics such as the poster above.

Once I had a basic concept in my head of what I wanted to do, I created a new document in Illustrator and got to work. I begin by using an image of a brown paper bag for my backdrop. Then I added and formatted all of my text the way I wanted it to look. The font I chose for all text was Rockwell Extra Bold. I applied a stroke around the top text and created a rectangle behind the bottom portion.


From there, I added a simple border around the entire artboard using the Rectangle Tool.


This next step took the most time. I shot three images of myself and then knocked out the background in Photoshop. From there, I brought my images into Illustrator and used an awesome too called Live Trace. I played with the threshold and added a stoke until I got the effect shown below.  For the crowd in the background, I found an image of a crowd and also used Live Trace on it. Lastly, I used Live Paint to color everything in.


Final touches I added include the stars and the medals around my neck.

Voilà, my motivation/propaganda poster!



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