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This trailer contains clips that some people may consider violent. Do not watch if this will upset you.

The Story

For this week’s DS106 assignment I was required to create a mashup which I have not done before. After browsing through all of my options, I settled on this assignment involving combining two movies that have a similar theme and create a mashup movie trailer out of them. Earlier in the semester I did what I would consider an audio remix, but I think working with video is much harder. Not only did I want the soundtrack and dialogue to match up, but I also wanted the clips between both movies to make sense. I also wanted my trailer to have some hint of my focal theme in it (running).

This is where I took a little bit of liberty. The first video I chose was actually a trailer for a parkour video game called Dying Light. For the second video, I decided to use one of my favorite scenes from the movie, Taken. Both of the original videos are linked below. On the surface, both of these videos might not seem to have similar themes, but I thought I could edit them in away that would make the running scenes sort of a flash-forward between the phone dialogue scenes in Taken.

The Process

I have some familiarity with most of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps, but throughout these assignments I’ve been trying to constantly use different pieces of software from the collection to learn new techniques. For this project, I decided to use Adobe Premiere which I am much less experienced with than After Effects. Half the battle for me was figuring out the placement of all the project windows because it is organized very different than AE. That’s what YouTube and Google were for!

I began by importing all of my resources, which consisted of the Dying Light trailer, Taken clip, and the bumper you often see at the beginning of movie trailers. Once I had those, I added the Dying Light trailer to my timeline, which contained my soundtrack as well. From there, I basically split the Taken clips into smaller sections and timed them at certain parts over the Dying Light trailer. This part actually took a little time as I wanted them to somewhat flow into each other.

Once everything was in place, I adjusted the audio to raise the volume of the Taken track and fade the audio of the Dying Light track in and out. Final adjustments made include adding the green bumper to the beginning of the video, adding black video bars, and adding a title to the end.



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