Run ROB!


The Story

Running can sometimes be very boring to me if I don’t have something to keep my entertained or new ways of switching up. This is the first week I got to choose my own assignment from the ds106 assignment bank. I haven’t done a web assignment before, so I found myself browsing through that section and immediately found this assignment. The goal was to make some type of artwork based on my running path. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to make my morning runs more interesting and provide me with some type of goal.

The Process

I did some prep work by first looking at my local neighborhoods using the route creator available on MapMyRun, a website, that as the name suggests, allows you to record your runs. I did not have to look very long as I quickly found this one area that looked like it formed an “R.” I knew right away that I would do the short version of my name, “Rob.” Making out an “o” and “b” from the other nearby streets was easy. I think there is someway I could have sent this map to my Garmin Forerunner, but I did not take the time to figure that out.

I decided to memorize this map and go out and blindly run it, while still using my Forerunner to keep track of my route. I’ve never actually ran through this neighborhood before so the first two times I tried this run, I ended up taking a couple of wrong turns and failed.

rob1 rob2

As you can see, after messing up the second attempt, I was still feeling good and kept running. That was my first four mile run ever!

Finally, I was able to successfully complete my course on the third try. The final run is shown at the top of this post. Now that this course is complete, I will need to work on a new goal.


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