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Implementing A New Employee Training Portal

This report examines how I went about implementing a new compliance training portal at my workplace. The problem, evaluation criteria, implementation, and key learnings are discussed.

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Games & Learning Final Portfolio

My final portfolio for Games & Learning, showcasing how I learned through play and interacted with affinity spaces, blogging, and Hypothesis.

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Professional ​Learning in the Industry 4.0 ​Workplace

This was a group project where my team examined how learning needs to evolve in order to meet the demands of a rapidly changing workplace. The history of workplace training, new learning frameworks, and the future of learning were all covered.

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Additional Research

color gamut

The Effects of Clear Toner on the Color Gamut of a Digital Press

This paper, published in the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts 2011 journal, examines the clear toner capabilities of the Canon imagePRESS C1+. This research was also given as my final senior design presentation for my undergraduate degree.

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Phoenix Challenge

The Phoenix Challenge is an annual intercollegiate printing competition organized by the Foundation of the Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA). This book is a recollection of the research and production of Western Michigan University’s 2010 Phoenix Challenge Competition submission.

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