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The Story

This piece was inspired in a number of different ways. Being a new runner, some of my advance runner friends and coworkers have often asked me to join their running groups, saying it will just be a “fun easy run.” Well in my experience, I find that’s not always the case and they end up longer and more competitive than expected. I run mostly for the exercise and not so much the competitiveness. This usually leads me to not wanting to run with those groups again.

Apart from this, I’ve been interested in video editing for a long time and have worked on various projects for work and my undergrad degree. Green screening was a curiosity of mine that I always wanted to try, but never had the time. When I saw this video assignment, to create a scene from a movie that we didn’t get to see, I just knew I wanted to explore using a green screen. Forrest Gump was the first movie that came to mind since it had a great running scene for me to work with.

The Process

Finding the Forrest Gump scene that I wanted to use was the easy part, a simple search on YouTube returned the clip I was looking for.

Once I had my clip, I began building my green screen. The screen consists of a “chroma key green” fabric and bunch of PVC pipe cobbled together. It was a bit more time consuming than what I was expecting, as I had to make three trips to Lowes. Initially I didn’t have enough supports in the middle which cause some sagging problems. In the end, I must say I am quite happy with how it turned out.

20160618_115403 20160622_131039

After the green screen was finished, I wrote up a very short script of my lines and began recording myself in front of the screen. I ended up buying a couple of lights, as the screen needs to be lit pretty evenly for the best results. I brought the footage into After Effects and knocked out the screen using the “keylight” effect. I was really surprised with how well this actually worked.


The mic attached to my camera didn’t work the best so I ended up re-recording audio in Adobe Audition and then syncing it to my video clips. Using the other tools available in After Effects I finally placed my “keyed” green screen footage over the Forrest Gump clip and did some final tweaking.

The Result

For having never worked with a green screen, I was pretty happy with the end result. I do think I was a little in over my head, with this being my first green screen project, as it was a little difficult to track my footage to the Forrest Gump clip. I think there are few areas that I float around.


3 thoughts on “Forrest Gump Deleted Scene

  1. I almost fergot that scene. It’s not easy bein’ green screened (I think Kermit said that). Anyway, my momma used to say that a Hollywood film is like a box of chocolates – you always know what yer gonna git! But not this time. Ya dropped yerself in real good!

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