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Educational Need

Moodle is an open source course management system (CMS) used where I work and used by many other businesses to deliver training to customers. In my personal experience, one of the negatives of using an open source CMS is that support can be hard to come by at times because it is mostly community driven. Throughout the process of implementing Moodle in my workplace’s environment there have been many instances where I’ve tried searching Moodle’s forums for answers, or posted my own questions, without finding a solution to what I was trying to achieve.

I believe there is an opportunity to create a networked learning space around using Moodle in a business environment to deliver customer-focused training. I have come across several Moodle communities for teachers and k-12 education, but nothing concrete geared toward the needs of a business. This networked learning space will curate tips, resources, and other user contributed content aimed at helping businesses deliver training in Moodle.

Learning Objectives

By using this networked learning space, learners will be able to:

  • Read tips and tricks for integrating Moodle into their business environment.
  • Share how they are using Moodle to deliver training to customer.
  • Discover plugins and additional resources for extending their Moodle site.

Learning Audience

The target learning audience for this networked learning space will be individuals who may be looking at implementing Moodle into their business environment or users that are already using Moodle, but trying to find solutions to extend the use of their Moodle site.

Desired Instructional Outcomes

Learners of this networked learning space will discover and contribute ways of incorporating Moodle into a business environment. Whether or not other learners are sharing content will be vital in determine how successful this community is.

Planned Course of Action

I will create a Google+ community as a home base for curating all content. The main page will contain a community description, links to a few Moodle resources that I’ve already found helpful, categories, and the latest posts. Initial categories planned include:

  • Strategies
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Plugins
  • Open Discussion

This will be an open community for anyone to join and share their knowledge and resources. To start generating content, I will begin by sharing some of my own experiences with Moodle that I will post on my blog. I plan on sharing this community across my other social media channels (mainly Google+ and Twitter) and in Moodle’s forums to help expand the group.


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