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I feel that growing up in a low-income household always caused me to struggle in school more than other kids. I did not have access to the internet or a computer and this was at a time when my teachers were already requiring research papers to be typed up. I remember walking to the library after school to use a computer, and being from a small town in Wisconsin, the small library only had one computer available to use.

Broadband internet wasn’t as essential at that time, but nowadays it seems to be a necessity. Up to 70% of teachers assign homework that requires the use of the internet. A lack of a reliable, high-speed internet connection makes it harder for low-income and minority students to succeed. The inequality between students without internet access and those with internet access is only growing and becoming a problem in education.

As eLearning designers, there are some simple things we can do to make our content more accessible. This infographic illustrates the digital divide and provides some suggestions on how we can overcome this in our work. Are there any recommendations you would add?


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