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As I start planning out the creation of my own infographic, there are many design considerations to keep in mind. The CRAP (or CARP) design guidelines, for instance, consist of properly using contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity to get your idea across. A well design piece will display more than one of these principles. Working in the world of color, I came across the infographic below a few years ago, but I’ve never taken the time to consider how it uses the CRAP principles. I thought this would be the perfectly opportunity to revisit this infographic!

Contrast can be the most effective way to add visual interest to a page. It draws attention to certain elements without being overpowering. I noticed that certain words such as psychology and color were in a bold font in several locations. These words stood out more and I read them first

Repetition looks at how certain aspects of the design are repeated throughout the piece. While each section takes a slightly different approach on how information is displayed, the same font is used throughout most of the piece. The last two sections also had arrows pointing at specific elements. Though they were describing different things, the arrows had the same overall design.

Alignment states that nothing should be placed on a page arbitrarily and every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page. All description text was aligned left and bullet points were all done in the same style and with the same spacing. Again, the arrows in the last two sections were also consistent with how they were presented.

Proximity describes how related items are grouped together so they are seen as one cohesive group. This infographic has four distinct sections that group the items within each section appropriately. The first section, for example, was about the colors you should paint each room in your home. The decision to create a 2d cutout of a house with all of the rooms inside was well executed and made all of the rooms fit together.

I thought this was a well designed infographic. If I were to make one or two minor suggestions I would first say that the title for “what colors to paint your home & why” didn’t stick out for me at first. I think the font could have been a little larger. Also the colored arrows in section 3, pointing at the fandeck, didn’t really add anything. I know what pink looks like and the blocks of text were already the color of what they were describing.



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