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My multimedia work covers a wide range of areas consisting of audio and video created with various programs including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Audacity. I have built my own audio soundbooth and video studio; with lights, cameras, and a green screen.

Click on an image or play button below to view a project. Some projects are accompanied by a link to a design document.

Affinity Space Presentation

My observations, participation, and reflection of the time I spent with the Guild Wars 2 subreddit.


Creative video inspired by the topic of buffalo and a song I found on

Color Podcast

A short introduction to how we see and talk about color.


Storytelling Portfolio

A compilation of my storytelling experiences with DS106.

Understanding Standards

Created to teach X-Rite's customers about PantoneLIVE master and dependent standards.

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Video Games as Art

Consisting of 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each, this PechaKucha presentation explores why video games should be considered art.

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