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Chapter 1: Call to Adventure

When Learning with Digital Stories first began, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was a little nervous because a lot of information was thrown at me right away. This would be an intense eight week course and I had to slog my way through the course syllabus several times just to make sure I understood all of the requirements. Failure was immanent; as a matter of fact, it was expected and this was OK. The best way to learn is by doing. The following is my final class portfolio, I chose to organize it chronologically to better illustrate my progress throughout the course.


Week 1 Story Critique

Within the first week of this course, I would have to choose a focal theme about a topic or interest I cared about. I had no idea what that would be at first, the only previous storytelling experience I had was reading other people's stories. This led me to choose this fictional story from the popular social sharing site Reddit for my first story critique. This got me familiar with using Jason Ohler's assessment traits to critically examine stories and introduced me to how other people tell stories.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Does IT Support

Even though I was still trying to figure out what to do for my focal theme, I thought about a story from my personal life that I was excited to tell. While looking for a DS106 audio assignment I found this one which was to have a soundboard conversation with a famous person. My personal IT experiences immediately came to mind since I had countless stories of trying to help people with technology. I thought my story was pretty clever and began to see how technology can really help us share our stories.


Week 1 Reading Response

This was only the second class in the Information & Learning Technologies program I've ever taken so there were a lot of new terms introduced to me. My view of literacy was broadened to more than just being able to read and write, and I began to understand what Discourses are. This was a fun response for me to write because I could relate to many of the examples used (such as video game modding). This also received my first blog comment from someone outside of this class!