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Chapter 4: Learning To Be

By the end of the semester I began to under the concept of deep learning. In order to go below our surface learnings and actually apply our knowledge to what we learn, we need to stop 'learning about' and instead, 'learn to be.' This is possible through collaboration, social interaction, and shifting our paradigms from a 'push' model, to a 'pull' model, where we bring in resources as needed.


Week 6 Story Critique

This was the most powerful story I critiqued all semester. This was also the first time I could really connect with the author and tell that he was passionate about what he was talking about. This story even inspired me to wake up early and complete this 'Map Your GPS Run' assignment. Most of my stories have been fun and light-hearted up until this point, but this showed me the emotional impact great storytelling can have.

Super Runners World

This was the final story I created during this course and was my absolute favorite. I wanted to make this remix since the Forrest Gump green screen project in week 3 and I spent way more time on this than any of my previous assignments. Being able to combine my two biggest interests, running and video games, helped to keep me enthusiastic about this story.


Week 7 Reading Response

I found the last week of readings to be some of the most engaging I've read all semester. I felt that they brought the class back to week one and connected everything we've been reading about. The required reading I chose was about developing one's voice in storytelling and this is something I've been working on throughout this course. I also found an interest-driven article about using photography for storytelling. This was a great example of how we can tell stories in many different ways.

Daily Create

I would be remiss if I didn't include some of the daily creates I produced throughout this semester. I consider these "side stories" on my quest to share my main focal theme. These are some of my favorites!