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Chapter 2: Choosing My Focal Theme

By the second week of this course I had decided that my focal theme would be about my experiences as a new runner. I thought this would fit in perfectly with this new course, as I just started running a month runner, new course, new stories to share! The majority of my storytelling would now be concentrated on this theme. As the semester continued I also started to have more meaningful interactions.


Forrest Gump Deleted Scene

This was the very first story I created around being a new runner and it was a blast to produce. It means a lot to me because of all the work I put into it. While working on it, I acquired many skills that I wasn't expecting to learn, it took me an entire afternoon just to build the green screen. This also led to a few conversations on both my blog and Twitter.


Week 3 Story Critique

By week 3 I started to get into a groove for my weekly production. At this point I've already critiqued a few stories and began to analyze them more critically. This story was relevant to me because I had just had my own recent encounter with getting attacked by a wild turkey. Maybe it doesn't compare to this story, but at the time I was terrified. I thought I had a pretty good overall analysis of this story and provided some worthwhile suggestions.


After the first couple weeks, I started to see how useful can be. I tried challenging my peers with some of my comments and left feedback on their blogs. Here are just a few of the interactions I had.

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