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My multimedia work covers a wide range of areas consisting of audio and video. I am proficient in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Audacity. I have built my own audio soundbooth and video studio; with lights, cameras, and green screen. Click on an image to view or play my work.

Affinity Space Presentation

My observations, participation, and reflection of the time I spent with the Guild Wars 2 subreddit.


Storytelling Portfolio

A compilation of my storytelling experiences with DS106.

Understanding PantoneLIVE Master & Dependent Standards

Understanding Standards

Created to teach X-Rite's customers about PantoneLIVE master and dependent standards.

Video Games as Art

Video Games as Art

Consisting of 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each, this PechaKucha presentation explores why video games should be considered art.

WMU English Education Labs

Shot for the English department at Western Michigan University to demonstrate how they are using classroom technology to facilitate learning.